Watch the new promo for the livestream into the Wintergardens, GEEK festival in Margate next Friday / Saturday / Sunday, 20th-22nd February 2015

Transmission from Mars!

Last visit and capsule set up on 13th Feb 2015 around Hydraotes Chaos.







This was a great visit Xanthe Terra last February 2014.








Followed by Shalbatana Vallis expedition February 2014







Chryse Chaos! September 2014

mars devil astronaut2_klCarry_umbrella_kl


















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Mars One Extended is a series of performances and workshops accompanied by a livestream. I am inspired by Mars One, a controversial non-profit organisation that aims to create the first human settlement on Mars in 2024 funded by selling a Big Brother stream of the civilian crew. I am supported as an UPstream commissioned artist by SHPLive, South Hill Park Media Arts Centre, Berkshire. My anticipated project launch will be during the GEEK festival at the CRATE Gallery in Margate.

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